Michelle Yuan

Assistant Professor, UCLA Linguistics


The presentation materials listed here are for various non-published projects that I am fine with being downloaded (earlier talk versions of published papers are thus not included). A full list of materials is provided in my CV.

  • Yuan, Michelle. 2024. More on ‘Lexical DP Blocking’ effects in the PCC: Evidence from Mixtec. NELS 54, MIT. [poster]
  • Yuan, Michelle. 2023. Two restrictions on pronominal clitics in San Juan Piñas Mixtec (Tò’ōn Ndā’ví). WSCLA 26, McGill University (invited talk). [handout]
    Note: This version contains additional material not found in the proceedings paper, as well as a different analysis. See the NELS poster above for an updated account!
  • Yuan, Michelle. 2022. Covert A-movement at the syntax-morphology interface: Insights from Inuktitut incorporation. Abralin ao Vivo — Linguists Online (invited talk). [video]
  • Yuan, Michelle. 2022. Deriving VSO in San Juan Piñas Mixtec. UMass Amherst Syntax Workshop/MIT Syntax Square. [handout (MIT version)]
  • Caballero, Gabriela, Claudia Juárez Chávez, and Michelle Yuan. 2021. The representation of tone in San Juan Piñas Mixtec: Phonological and orthographic implications. WCCFL 39, University of Arizona. [slides]
  • Yuan, Michelle and Ksenia Ershova. 2020. Dependent case in syntactically ergative languages: Evidence from Inuit and West Circassian. LSA 2020, New Orleans, LA. [handout]
  • Yuan, Michelle. 2016. Subordinate clause types and the left periphery in Kikuyu. LSA 2016, Washington, DC. [handout]